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MagikNUT to the products

Using our cable management expertise, we have again developed a new and unique solution: The MagikNUT!
The MagikNUT is a polyamide locknut with a built-in stainless steel clip mechanism for EMC shield connections. The MagikNUT can be used with plastic cable glands and plastic fittings, offering users a high level of EMC protection, quick installation time and savings in material costs.

The features at a glance:

Can be used with plastic cable glands

MagikNUT can be used with a wide range of WISKA cable entry products. (Here: ESKV cable gland)

Light weight design

M16 – 4.52 g
M20 – 5.79 g
M25 – 6.98 g


Available in black and grey.

EMC protection

EMC shield protection through internal stainless steel clip.


Available in M16, M20 and M25

Polyamide locknut

Polyamide outer body.

A “Magik” performance!

Click on the links below to explore more about the features and benefits of our new MagikNUT.

Quick and Easy to install

One benefit of our new MagikNUT is the easy installation. Assemble an ESKV cable gland with the MagikNUT (1). Strip 1 cm off of the cable insulation revealing the EMC shielding (2). Insert the cable through the gland and MagikNUT, stop when the shielding touches the claws on the MagikNUT (3). Tighten cap nut of ESKV cable gland (4).
Have a look at our related tutorial - Installation of MagikNUT.

Quick and Easy to install

Technical product data

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