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LED Floodlights 5000 to the products

Crafted to stay cool

Our LED Floodlight 5000 is our newest lighting innovation. It is made of an innovative plastic component in a special housing design and stainless steel casing. A heat conductive system made of plastic that will meet more than your requirements. Our redesign has made the 5000 casing even smarter and assembly-friendly and even leight-weight. All features of its modular design and heat conduction stay the same.

Your benefits with the LED floodlight 5000

High quality material: Special heat conductive plastic module with a stainless steel casing.

Modular design: Built by independent single LED modules of 40 W that can be combined between one to four units depending on your needs.

Low maintenance & cost-efficient: In case of malfunction, individual units make the replacement much easier.

Individual lighting: Three different lens types of wide, medium (standard) and narrow beam allow for individual lighting.

Individual front protection grid: For all sizes, you can choose a protection grid optionally.


The optional protection grid is a protection against mechanical damages. It is used in working areas, e.g. on lashing bridges, cargo holds.


Power connection by WISKA COMBI 407 junction box, equipped with WISKA cable gland and venting device, enables the easy connection of the floodlight.


New: Our LED Floodlight 5000 with one module is now also available as a 24VDC version. Perfect for use with an on-board voltage or emergency power supply of 24VDC.

Interactive LED Floodlight 5000 Series

Our digital leaflet bundles all interactive content about our COMBI® 304 in a compact design. Pages will come to life with 3D models, videos and animations.
Click here to have a look.


Latest technology in the production

Latest technology in the production

A high quality standard is very important to us in the development and production of our products. That is why we rely on the latest technologies when manufacturing our products.

Technology such as our state of the art robotics machine helping to ensure our lighting modules are assembled accurately and precisely every time.

Luminaire data

The LED Floodlight 5000 is available in 3 beam types: wide, medium (standard option) and narrow beam. The luminous flux per LED module is 4,000 lm. It is available with 1 to 4 modules. Depending on your needs and the positioning of the floodlight, this allows you individual lighting of different areas.
The relevant EULUMDAT for each type can be viewed and downloaded at article pages.

Technical product data of the series

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