Every success is a team effort.

In team sports, it is all about a good team. Because having good people at your side makes work twice as much fun and it is easier to achieve great results. All the big and small achievements we have been able to celebrate together over the decades are due to the many fantastic employees who have worked for WISKA over the past 100 years.

Every success is a team effort.

100 Years of product history

100 Years of product history

Special performance or high popularity: That's what makes an All-Stars team in sports.

On the occasion of our centenary we have set our All-Stars team. The team features members from our cable entries, searchlights, junction boxes, sockets, grommets, maritime lighting and CCTV video surveillance.

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100 years - Celebration at PALAZZO in Hamburg

Not only colleagues from Germany came, but also colleagues from Brazil, China, India, Paraguay, Spain and the UK arrived in Hamburg to celebrate our motto "100 Years - One Team".

The highlight of the evening was the surprise concert of Glasperlenspiel. The Electropop duo played a 30-minute private concert for us at the PALAZZO. A great surprise from the management for all of us!

With music by DJ Gerson, we danced, laughed and celebrated until the early hours of the morning.

Centenary stand party at HMI in Hanover

At Hannovermesse, the centenary was properly celebrated besides our  product highlights such as the SPRINT® cable gland system and the Brace® cable protection system. Our exhibition stand became a party area and many guests of the trade fair in Hanover part of the team and celebrated together with us.

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Big centenary celebration in the Fischauktionshalle in Hamburg

Over 500 national and international guests from 35 countries, comprising partners, representatives from the world of politics, economy, the press as well as employees came to Hamburg to celebrate the 100th anniversary in the Fischauktionshalle.

Like the entire anniversary year, the evening was held under the motto “100 Years - One Team”, placing the focus of attention on those who have made the company successful: its customers, partners and employees.

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100 years of creating together - growing together

And last but not least, we asked our colleagues what they experienced with 100 years of WISKA. Here you will find the answers.

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